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One of our 6th form engineers (also studying maths & physics) explaining calculations she has made on cost & CO2 emissions savings to . Thank you again to Common Sense Energy for bringing renewables back to the forefront of our thoughts. https://t.co/OCaHHFvY9o https://t.co/MqWSdK2Ph7

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Year 10 have been looking at modelling more complex circuits with integrated circuits this morning in engineering, using CAD modelling and testing software. Amazing effort, understanding and problem solving from our awesome students. https://t.co/jYEThX8hB2

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Check out our online prospectus for entry to our Academy at Year 10 and Year 12. https://t.co/sPQqDz4JjF https://t.co/V74FbvGDOX

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We are so excited to have partnered with Common Sense Energy, a local company to help our students understand and develop products for the future. Our new Solar Panels are the first of many sources that are coming to our Academy. https://t.co/0kZsYWEBKg

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Thank you to for inspiring our Year 10’s with their design challenge. We’re coming up with ideas and cost sheets today to safely build and test next week. https://t.co/3z2kL1CRcH

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Year 10 are starting their careers journey with a live broadcast from . Despite restrictions, we are determined to continue to ensure our students in all years can access careers advice and information so they can follow exciting and rewarding careers. https://t.co/jSn2pIArXB

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Our Sixth Form is now open! We still have places available for this year. If you'd like more information please contact our Head of School direct schuylerd.org.uk or visit https://t.co/ON2TBeo0J9 https://t.co/H4WAD7qj8s

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Our Sixth Form is now open! We still have places available for this year. If you'd like more information please contact our Head of School direct schuylerd.org.uk or visit https://t.co/ON2TBeo0J9 https://t.co/2DxqtSyiOv

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Ronnie Witcomb and Tara Osman became senior STEM Creators at BMAT STEM Academy when our business focused school opened two years ago. As they collected their GCSE results, they looked back on their role in their new school. https://t.co/lxrjD1G6Hm https://t.co/HyfizD2FRF

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Socially distanced staff training! We’re having a great discussion on teaching and learning and how to turn restrictions into opportunities. So excited for this year with an expanding, talented group of staff and students and our brand new in . https://t.co/yElLSODUvn


Thank you for the link! Sounds really exciting.

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"I did not know what to expect from the results, but I felt really good when I opened them." Well done, Ashton! https://t.co/crepiaUwUR https://t.co/hbP9L0Qzjc

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"I feel brilliant. I was nervous waiting for the results, especially as I didn’t get to sit the exams myself. After opening my results, I was ecstatic!" Congratulations, Josh! https://t.co/crepiaUwUR https://t.co/S46bCfOjxu

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"I feel my results are so good and I deserve them. I am looking forward to continuing to study at BMAT STEM as it offers high quality education." Congratulations, Sara! https://t.co/crepiaUwUR https://t.co/Sp2nz8IVco

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"I did not want to open them at first. But, I am happy with my results; I am relieved." Well done, Gergo! https://t.co/crepiaUwUR https://t.co/pXt4c2k8x5

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BMAT STEM Academy Retweeted
Your Harlow

First group of BMAT STEM students produce results all are proud of https://t.co/w2b9I1fWa8 https://t.co/lVff5m9OpC

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"They have helped to transform this school and its reputation in the community due to their hard work and outstanding behaviour. They have laid the foundation for what we want this school to become and have been amazing role models for our Yr 10 students." https://t.co/Eps828JTuu https://t.co/jpv9uCQfuk

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Well done to all our students for their amazing results. We are so proud of all their achievements over the last year, and in both the years they have been with us. We can’t wait to welcome many back to our sixth form in September. https://t.co/sVELrOyitu


He’s done so well and we’re super proud! On top of this, he has been a pleasure to teach and work with and we can’t wait to welcome him to our sixth form.


We look forward to welcoming all our students tomorrow to BMAT STEM to collect their GCSE results. Please check your emails to confirm your allotted time. The information released this evening regarding BTEC qualifications does not affect you.

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Physics A Level

What is A Level Physics all about?

Physics is, in the simplest terms, the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy.  It is a highly practical subject with significant teaching time spent in the lab performing experiments, developing both knowledge and scientific skills.

Over a 2 year period, students will explore and model mathematically forces, motion, waves and particles. The course enables students to pursue a broad range of careers and university degrees.  

Students might find a career working for mechanical, electrical, aeronautical, nuclear or civil engineering companies. Medical physicists and many architects, surveyors, meteorologists and scientists working in the space/satellite industries have an A level in physics

The OCR Level 3 Advanced GCE in Physics consists of three externally examined papers and the Science Practical Endorsement. Students are expected to carry out the sixteen core practical experiments that are identified in the topics.

The Course Content is taught in six modules:

Module 1: Development of practical skills in physics

  • Practical skills assessed in a written examination
  • Practical skills assessed in the practical endorsement

Module 2: Foundations in physics

  • Physical quantities and units
  • Making measurements and analysing data
  • Nature of quantities

Module 3: Forces and motion

  • Motion
  • Forces in action
  • Work, energy and power
  • Materials
  • Newton’s laws of motion and momentum

Module 4: Electrons, waves and photons

  • Charge and current
  • Energy, power and resistance
  • Electrical circuits
  • Waves
  • Quantum physics

Module 5: Newtonian world and astrophysics

  • Thermal physics
  • Circular motion
  • Oscillations
  • Gravitational fields
  • Astrophysics and cosmology

Module 6: Particles and medical physics

  • Capacitors
  • Electric fields
  • Electromagnetism
  • Nuclear and particle physics
  • Medical imaging


Assessment :

Paper 1: Modelling physics Assesses content from modules 1, 2, 3 and 5

Paper 2: Exploring physics Assesses content from modules 1, 2, 4 and 6

Paper 3: Unified physics Assesses content from all modules (1 to 6)


Physics A Level Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Physics or 2 x Grade 6 in Combined Science.

Grade 6 in Maths

Examination Board: OCR

Teacher to Contact: Mr. P. Andrew

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